About Us

Verve (n.) - Vigor and spirit or enthusiasm.

Adaptogens plants VIBE

Verve Blends was founded in February 2020 by Alice and Jason, after a search for a natural and fun way to thrive in their busy lives. 

We are a small team based in London that is passionate about using the power of natural ingredients to help people to be at their best.

We believe that in order to flourish and thrive, there’s nothing more important than self-awareness and self-care. If you look after your body it will look after you, and that’s why it is so important to us that we use natural and nourishing ingredients.

Manufacture & Warehousing

To ensure you are delivered with a premium, standardised and safe product, VIBE is produced by one of UK's leading supplement manufactures. The manufacture of VIBE is in accordance with EU and UK food law/regulation. The same supplement manufacturer also packs the product into Verve Blends lovely glass jars. Likewise the storage of VIBE and fulfilment of order is handled by another leading UK business in that field. If you have any questions about the production or storage of VIBE please feel free to ask and we will connect you with the right person from the respective manufacture/fulfilment business.