The Basics

VIBE makes the perfect smoothie companion. However, if you are looking for super low fuss options then check out these options below.

 Adaptogen Yoghurt - VIBE Adaptogen Milk - VIBE
Adaptogen Tea - VIBE Adaptogen supplement with water - VIBE


VIBE is a herbal blend containing adaptogens commonly used to support mental well-being and improve energy levels. See the full breakdown of VIBE here . Check out the easy ways to enjoy VIBE as part of your daily wellness routine.

Yoghurt - VIBE can be paired with your favourite yoghurt. You can either mix one teaspoon of VIBE with your chosen yoghurt or sprinkle a teaspoon of VIBE on top of the yoghurt (as pictured). The sprinkle option provides a slightly sweet, slightly salty and slightly earthly zing to plain yoghurt.

Milk/Mylk - the natural flavouring of VIBE and added stevia suits milk/mylk drinks well. The modest density of milk/mylk also helps suspend the natural fibrous ingredients of VIBE in the beverage, which helps ensure you get all of its goodness.

Hot tea - flavour wise, brewing VIBE as a tea is a personal favourite. However, if you brew a full teaspoon of VIBE you will likely find you are left with some slightly bitter sediment at the end. If brewing as a tea, we recommend using just half a teaspoon of VIBE or using a tea infuser/ tea bags. Though if using an infuser or teabags you will not be able to consume all of the fibrous content of VIBE.

Cold water - the other alternative tested at Verve Blends, is to simply mix VIBE with cold water. This method produces less flavour than brewing as a tea but subtle sweet undertones can still be detected. We recommend using just half a teaspoon if choosing to mix with water as the low density of the beverage will result in a fair bit of sediment. 

Have you found other ways to enjoy VIBE? Please let us know! 

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